Anderson's Arizona Originals Music Offerings


The Wager

The Wager - DVD Image

The Wager - DVD
A Classic Story With A New-Age Twist

The Wager - Full Script Image

The Wager - Full Script
Complete Script - Includes All Songs With Piano Music

The Wager Songs CD Image

The Wager Songs CD
Typically Used For Rehersal Playback

The Wager Practice CD Image

The Wager Practice CD
Contains All Songs In The Show But With All Vocals Deleted

Sound Effects CD Image

Sound Effects CD
All Sound Effects Used In "The Wager" Are Provided Here

The Wager - Back-Screen Images Image

The Wager - Back-Screen Images
"THE WAGER" Rear Screen Projection Images Of NYC

Piano / Vocal Score Image

Piano / Vocal Score
All Music Except The Overture In A Bound Book

Full Orchestral Score Image

Full Orchestral Score
"THE WAGER" Full Orchestral Score & All 30 Parts

The Wager - Reduced Orchestral Score Image

The Wager - Reduced Orchestral Score
"THE WAGER" Minimal Accompaniment Option

Wager Logo Proscenium Curtain Image

Wager Logo Proscenium Curtain
"THE WAGER" Proscenium Logo Curtain

Office Scenery Image

Office Scenery
Used Four Times In The Show

Brooklyn Bridge Stone Archway Image

Brooklyn Bridge Stone Archway
Used Behind The Bridge To Simulate The Bridge On Stage

Stone Apron Below Bridge Image

Stone Apron Below Bridge
Simulates The Base Of The Bridge