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Musically Mastering The Low Range Of The Tuba

Musically Mastering The Low Range Of The Tuba Image

A college method book; Sam PiIafian's Introduction called; THOUGHTS ON THE LOW REGISTER, provides valuable tips from his extensive playing and teaching experience. Be sure to read and use his ideas to make the etudes easier and more fun and master the low range in your playing!

SECTION ONE begins with thirty etudes in ten sets of three, each one going one—half step lower starting at low G and going down to Pedal Bb. The first of each set or three is in Baroque style, the second romantic style, the third contemporary including jazz and rock etudes, etc. The etudes employ a variety of keys, and modes, a variety of time signatures, meter changes, tempo, dynamic changes, interval leaps and articulations. Some feature a cadenza, jazz improvisation, trills and playing while humming. Teachers may wish to teach the etudes in either chromatic order or just use the ones needed at the time for a particular student or piece being studied.

Finally, a new innovation is introduced for the first time, THE TUBA CLEF, WHICH ELIMINATES ALL THE LEDGER LINES BELOW THE STAFF, is introduced for tuba only, starting in Etude Set 7 and onward, while the euphonium etudes use tenor and alto clef.

SECTION 2 - PART 1 includes the fingering charts with many alternate fingerings for BBb, CC, Eb and F Tubas , and finally Bb Euphonium, covering 4 octaves for each instrument. PART 2 includes a valuable article reprinted from the TUBA JOURNAL, 'TUBA CLINIC FOR THE BEGINNING TUBIST' by Mr. Anderson covering the basics of embouchure, breathing and tongueing concepts he learned as a student of the great Arnold Jacobs, Chicago Symphony Orchestra. PART 3 includes a major article on mastering intonation called 'FOURTEEN STEPS TO IMPROVED INTONATION ON TUBA AND EUPHONIUM’ written by Mr. Anderson.

SECTION 3 - Has three original duets for Euphonium and Tuba. The etudes start easy, then moderate, then advanced, using lower and lower range for both instruments as they progress from one to the next.

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