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The Wager - DVD

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"THE WAGER" on DVD - At over two hours long, this professionally edited DVD shows everything. From the overture, with all scene changes labeled, all scenes with dialogue and music from the World Premiere performances of the show on the beautiful stage of The Ikeda Theater in the new Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Using a 30 piece orchestra and professional sets, lighting, dancers and singers, the full story is told of the life of Jonathon Oliver Brytson, America’s richest businessman in Manhattan where he owns the largest import-export business in the world. Priding himself on his integrity and ethics he is also a model husband and father of three children. Upon winning the New York Times Businessman-of-the-year award, his chief competitor, Lou, proposes a wager over Jonathon’s integrity and honor with Jonathon’s mentor, J., that risks everything Jonathon has without Jonathon having any knowledge of the bet.

The Wager lasts for 30 days in which Lou tries everything he can to destroy Jonathon’s faith in the advice of his mentor, without being able to harm Jonathon. This modern adaptation of an ageless story actually gives the audience two shows in one; the one on the stage you can see and the one beneath it being hinted at and symbolically presented with over 290 clues, names, events and symbols in words and musical themes of one of the greatest classic stories of all time, the story of Job in the old testament.

Level III, IV work. (2 hrs.+) $25.00

A great medium for theater artistic directors to view and help them decide upon a local performance. Please see the The Wager section for commentary and further details.

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