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The Wager - CD

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"THE WAGER" on CD - Includes the overture for orchestra and all musical numbers. This CD presents every song sung by the original cast and recorded directly from the DVD with excellent quality. The 70 minutes of all original music in 9 different styles is a delight for the listener because of the story it tells and the huge musical variety from classic to jazz to rap and rock and rhythmic speech used to present it in a modern setting.

Long thought to be impossible to write, the story of Job comes to life in music for the first time in 3000 years since the book was first written. After nine years in writing the script and music compositions, Mr. Anderson has done what no one thought could be accomplished. Sure to become a classic work that is both interesting, entertaining but also scripturally accurate, The Wager is a perfect show for all audiences and does not quote the original book at all.

See reviews and nomination letters for the Grawemeyer Award, in music composition and in the category of best new religious work.

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