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The Wager - DVD

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"THE WAGER DVD" - The full, professionally recorded and edited 2 hour+ recording with 30 piece orchestra and cast. See CD and DVD tab and reviews for detail. Autographed by the composer. The DVD contains a 10-page insert with the details of the setting of the story, cast size, orchestral options, sets, dancers and musical styles employed to give the viewer a detailed overview of the show and its symbolism used to hide the original with over 290 musical, text, lighting, names of characters, and musical thematic symbols. Also included are all lyrics of all songs and a list of all scripture verses from Job that inspired the creation of every scene in the show. An excellent way for theater artistic directors to see the complete show and decide on production for their regional or college theater program.

Level III, IV work. (2 hrs.+)

A great medium for theater artistic directors to view and help them decide upon a local performance. Please see the The Wager section for commentary and further details.

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