A SPECIAL  ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!   Cash Prizes are being offered by AAO Music. Any Player world wide,  is free to Submit a Recording of the Piano/ Tuba version of Mr. Andersons  Two new works . Tuba Concerto No.2 , The Contemporary,  or Tuba Concerto No. 3,  in Jazz Style,   for a $250 PRIZE FOR THE BEST RECORDING of Either one. The best recording of either work also qualifies the player for a recording with Orchestra  for either work for a  $1000 prize as well.   If ONE PLAYER WON ALL Four COMPETITIONS  it would be a TOTAL AVAILABLE of $2500 ! Winning recordings will be on this website and on YouTube. Cutoff Date to submit is December 31,   2021.  Music can be ordered from  Cimarron Music Press LLC


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