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The Wager

The Wager

THE WAGER:  Set in our time but........... written for all time !!!

The greatest faith story of the Old Testament,  Job.  A fascinating, faithful,  double story;   one on stage,  and another one,  symbolically  hidden from view, underneath the stage.  The ultimate, incredible  story of the history of the Jewish people.  Suitable for all ages.

A Two Act Dramatic Musical by Eugene D. Anderson

Synopsis :
The year is 2000 and beyond, in Manhattan, New York.  Jonathon  Oliver Brytson is a 43-year old, very successful businessman, husband, and father. He is in the import-export business on Maiden Lane with his office on the 40th floor overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River.

He and his beautiful 42-year-old wife, Jennifer, own 200 acres in South Salem, New York, with several horses. His twins are in college at Harvard and M.I.T., majoring in Law and Engineering, soon to join the firm with their father. The youngest  17 year old  daughter will be graduating  with a sports scholarship at Stanford.

They are among the wealthiest families in America, and Jonathon prides himself as being honest, ethical, and moral in all his business and family dealings. Jonathon  stands to lose everything over a wager between his mentor, J.  and his chief competitor, Lou.  He is, however, totally unaware of the wager of these two, as they seek to test  his integrity and character for the sake of his life and death bet. The bet spans 31 days.  The show has twelve scenes and 12 scenery changes, two of them  used more than once.  Also a 30 piece orchestra is used,  cast of seventeen,  and five solo dancers and a troupe of eight dancers.

Seventeen songs in nine different styles with orchestra or piano are used. The ultimate reason for Jonathons' suffering is revealed in music, The Great Question, sung by J.

Experience the whole musical in the comfort of your living room by going to   YouTube   under   " The Wager,"  the Musical     by Eugene Anderson.